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Hello All, Welcome!
(No need to ask to join!)

( If you need someone to vent to right away, Please note me o-GunCat-o. DO not comment in the group comments, I will not reply right away, so please note me.)

We Accept Anyone and Everyone. If you need help or not.
We help with just about anything; If you're being Bullied, If you're having trouble with your relationship, Self hate, Maybe it's as simple as needing Advice.
Please check the 'Adopt Us' Tab to find someone who can help you!

This is a Safe place to share your Feelings,and Troubles freely without judgement, If we see disrespect and hurtful comments, you will be blocked. We're here to help people.

Feature is only meant for helpful things to make you smile. So only uploads things related to it. We will check to make sure that's indeed what it's intending.

You can upload just about anything that is under Deviantart's guidelines.

You can upload vent art. Vent art is usually used to expel your anger and frustrations.

Art about how you feel. Maybe you aren't angry or frustrated. You can be happy or sad or confused. We don't have to limit ourselves with just one emotion. That's what makes us human.

Sexual art, relating to your problems. (MUST FOLLOW DEVIANTART'S RULES!)

Gorey and bloody. As long as it's vent, or showing your feelings.

Maybe you're not comfortable with your artistic ability. No problem! You can also submit journals, if you're comfortable giving real detail. Make sure you upload to the right folder. Just like with art, you can upload gory, bloody, or sexual content. If you're not sure of what folder to send it to, then submit it to the "Other mixed" folder! If you feel comfortable, posting in the comments your problems, you may.

Remember: We accept everyone and anyone, but you will be banned if you disrespect another person or make fun of them! I will only accept people for my team, who I know can help out!

You can note one of the members of our team, Or If you're not sure, you can note the group or post a comment and someone can respond to you (Please be warned, It may be a few days until we reply.) To help or to Direct you to the right person.

If you have a story to tell us, you think can help others, We will submit it as a Journal, We can put your name in it, Or if you don't want your name in it , We will not add it. Any story asked to be TOLD, will remain in your own words, nothing changed. Unless we feel it's not understandable enough, we will edit it a little bit, but keep mostly everything the same.

Tips for Fighting Depression

Tips for Fighting Depression(Please share!)
1) Avoid alcohol. I find having a drink can trigger the depression quite severely the following day, although it should be noted that alcohol effects everyone differently, and some drinks are worse than others. Alcohol is a depressant, so this should be taken seriously...You may love a drink, but you have to consider if it's worth it if you are a sufferer.
Avoid smoking. Regular smoking is linked to feelings of depression.
2) Consider your diet. Aside from eating healthy and drinking lots of water (which helps with everything), dark chocolate is scientifically proven to help fight depression as well as anxiety, and here's how...
Contains Tryptophan
Dark, as well as raw chocolate, contains high amounts of tryptophan, which is an amino acid that breaks down into two other very important neurotransmitters. These are serotonin and melatonin, and both help to protect you against stress. Serotonin is a natural antidepressant, which goes to work immediatel
As someone whose lost someone before, and knowing the feeling alike.
I have to tell you, It's okay to cry.
It's okay to let those emotions flow.
Don't try to forget about them, embrace them.
Keep them in your heart.
Things get better, Day by day, and you'll start to finally come to terms with your loss.
I lost my uncle, though he wasn't blood,(He wasn't my dad's brother, he wasn't family.) He was the reason why my dad and mum met, He meant the world to me.
I lost him almost over two years ago. And I've found it easy to get on without him, and there comes these days where I remember him and cant help but tear up.

My friend asked me how to cope, because he recently lost his mother, Just cope by keeping them in your hearts. As far as I see it, It's hard for the first few months to a year, maybe even two years. But I does get better,and it does get easier.

Just remember, It's okay to cry. It's okay to think about them, It's okay to remember them bye.

If there's anyone out there, dealing with a loss right now, i am very sorry you're going through that. Just keep your head up.
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My Team.
They're here TO help others, and you can always check the "About Us" Tab.











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